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Crazy Colors of Fun

Here is my most shameful admission as a crochet designer; Ms March was my first new pattern in years, I mean years. Really, can I even call myself a designer in that case? But with that admission comes one more, I haven't shared my past designs with you either. This is the first step to… Continue reading Crazy Colors of Fun

Free Patterns

Guys don’t wear crochet! Hipster Hat

Now before you start arguing with me this is a direct quote from my brother. Yep. And he's right. So often crochet designers don't design with guys in mind when they make their crochet patterns and they end up making something a woman would wear in "men's colors" or something dull. Some common misconceptions about… Continue reading Guys don’t wear crochet! Hipster Hat

Free Patterns

Relaunch and GIVE AWAY!! YAY!!

I have relaunched my blog and my website too. YAY!!!! They have a new look and easier access. All the things you would want. But before you go and look around let's talk about GIVE AWAYS. (That is why your here after all). Right now my website does not have all my patterns listed.… Continue reading Relaunch and GIVE AWAY!! YAY!!

Free Patterns

New Year, New Free Pattern

I know most browser's of crochet blogs love the free pattern aspect. So I figured in the new year I would give you a free pattern. This year I made my family house socks for Christmas. So here is the guys sock pattern.  I used two skeins of worsted weight yarn together but you can… Continue reading New Year, New Free Pattern