Why my Blog has a different name than my Design Business.

When you hear Joy of Crochet you think of all things yarn; hats and scarves, baby blankets and chunky cowls, afghans and etc… The Joy of Crochet blog would have the expectation of one free pattern after another…and another…..and another, just like most every other crochet blog. And while I appreciate the free patterns and giveaways (I had one myself) I find that repetitiveness a little dull. (Like making the same hat 75 times in a row)

Got Very Boring

The truth is most of us fiber junkies are more than one thing. I want my blog to reflect who I am; the personality behind the designs. I do love crochet. I do love yarn. I love free patterns and I have this blog in order to share those lovely things with you but I am a major travel junkie too. My travel inspires my designs. It also also allows me a lot of time…..on planes, waiting for trains, airport layovers, roadtrips, etc., to crochet. So this will be the travel journal of crochet design.

Don’t worry I will offer free patterns, talk about my design process and roll in yarn as much as the next crochet blog. I just will do it while I feed my travel addiction.

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