10 Observations from NYC

I just went to New York City for the first time. Here are ten of my observations from my time in the big city. (Over 8 million people live there making it the largest population and almost 6 million over the next largest city in the U.S.)

1: It is cluttered

First, I should give you a little bit of background. I am a western girl. So when I hear the words “sprawling metropolis” New York does not fit my idea of sprawling. Sprawling is Dallas or Los Angeles. New York is stacked on top of itself in a gorgeous clutter of buildings, construction and people.


The Beauty of Clutter

3: You will never have enough time to see everything.

I think this might be true of those NYC natives. I had an entire itinerary planned (see previous post) and I had to change so much of it. I was never disappointed with my day but I now have a longer list for my trip in January for Vogue Knitting.



5: You walk…..a lot.

When “Sex in the City” talk about the city being their cardio. They don’t even exaggerate a little.


Van Gogh’s Shoes

7:What about the ROUSs?

“Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist”


Wall of deliciousness. Thank you Lion Brand.

9: Don’t forget to look up.

Trust me, it’s so easy to forget that. I passed by the Chrysler building at least three times before I realized it.


Enough Said

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