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I don't want to quit my Day Job.

I listen to a lot of entrepreneurial podcasts, read business books and small business blogs and so many of them encourage me to Quit my Day Job. I happen to love my day job.

My work lobby

My day job allows me to meet hundreds of new people a day and travel with ease. The perks that I receive from my day job would take me years in business for myself to afford and let’s not even get started with health care. BUT I do realize that to be in business for myself I must prioritize that business.

So thank you Covid-19. I am now stuck at home. I am on furlough from my day job and I am forced to focus on my crochet business. Now for discipline. I must work at my business like it is my job.

Here is what to look forward to. Finally you will have access to the Esteemed Lacey Patterns including a free pattern here on the blog. I am working on two fall lines “Falling for Florals” and “Hombre” (forgive the puns).

Falling for Florals Pink Color Palette

I am working on plans for a winter line as well. It will be called “Comfort and Joy” (hee hee) and will focus on a Hyge bohemian look for the home but I will add a few wearables in there as well. My first sweater pattern is coming. BE EXCITED! (A summer line is also in the works)

Hombre Mood Board Yellow Colorway

I will also create more vlogs. You will get to see more tutorials and I have an idea for a few interviews as well.

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